Corinne Stone

Corinne Stone
What is Corinne? This question has occupied the minds of many people. For this reason, in this article, we intend to provide a comprehensive definition of this artificial stone. And to examine its advantages, disadvantages, applications, etc. Be with Parax ...

What is Corinne stone?

Corinne is a synthetic and engineered stone made from a combination of acrylic polymers with other minerals and stones. The difference between Corinne and materials such as granite, marble, etc. is the combination that is used in its construction.

The main use of Corinne in home applications includes: cabinets on the cabinet, toilets, wall coverings and in commercial places including: laboratories, health centers, hotels, airports, restaurants, banks, and so on.

why use corinne?

  • Anti bacterial
  • Easy maintenance and long life
  • No seams
  • Low weight
  • Resistant to heat and chemicals
  • Ability to design, cut and shape
  • Lower prices than quartz and granite
  •  High color variation
  • Waterproof, stain resistant and anti-fouling
  •  Ability to repair any damage caused by impact, fracture, burn and ….
  • Has two types of matte and glossy

Disadvantages of Corinne stone

  • Using some cleaners can change the color of the corin.
  • Decrease transparency over time.
  • Vulnerability to abrasion, impact, scratches.

Of course, all of these items can be repaired.

Corinne color variation

Over time, the variety of Corinne designs and colors reached more than a hundred colors And its beauty in some styles has surpassed natural stones.

It seems necessary to mention this point, Bathrooms and modern kitchens are the most suitable option for using Korin’s new designs.

Yellow, blue, red, orange, etc. are among Korin’s unique colors. In addition, Deep Nocturne and Glacier White are the most suitable candidates for classic and minimalist designs with streaks, color shades and lines; They create an attractive and spectacular view.

One of the features that adds to the appeal of working with Corinne is the ability of light to pass through it. This feature is mostly used to make the counter more beautiful.

Exclusive features of Corinne

Some features of Corinne provide the conditions to double the ease of the design and implementation process, including:

Corinne is flexible

One of the positive features of Korin stone is its formability in a variety of angular and curved shapes. This feature makes it easy for architects and designers.

Seams in Corinne

Another distinguishing feature of Corinne is its invisible seams. Like other materials, Corinne must first be disassembled and then installed.

This creates seams on the cabinet surface. But execution experts use special devices and adhesives to connect these seams, taking advantage of Korin’s capability.And they deliver the work surface seamlessly and without any seams to the customer.

Different styles of edges with Corinne
Corinne offers the latest bathroom and kitchen cabinet designs with a wide variety of different edge styles (It is possible to perform more than 20 different edge styles with this artificial stone).

Other uses of Corinne

Other advantages of Corin include its antibacterial, stain-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling properties.

So we are right if we use this material for kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, medical centers, offices and…

Corinne wall covering

If you use Korin cabinet wall coverings instead of granite, marble, quartz, etc… In addition to creating integration and coordination between the cabinet surface and the wall, You will be able to repair and repair in case of scratches and stains with a sandpaper and polish.

Corinne integrated sink

Maintaining hygiene is one of the things that must be observed in the case of sinks. Since Corinne is seamlessly attached to the cabinet top There is no gap between the connection between the sink and the cabinet top.

This feature provides a healthy environment without any mass and bacteria.

it is interesting to know:

The Corinne brand was invented in 1967 by the American company DuPont. The passage of time increased the popularity of this artificial stone To the extent that DuPont provides manufacturing technology to a limited number of companies, including: Lotte, LG and Hyundai contracted, and the companies produced other types of Corinne.

Since Parax is one of the importers of Corinne from the Korean company Hyundai, you can order this stone with ease. Contact Parax to design, build and execute your projects and free consultation …