3 ways to restore old cabinets!

Renovation of old cabinets
It is safe to say that the kitchen is one of the most expensive parts of the house! The presence of tables, cabinets and appliances is a testament to this. However, the desire for aesthetics that is inherent in all of us makes us want to make changes in this precious part of our home every few years. From layout, wall painting, replacing tiles between cabinets and flooring to remodeling old cabinets. If you are planning to make changes in your kitchen, but you have a small budget for it, stay with us until the end of the article. With 3 solutions from painting to ...!

Re-painting / first solution

You can not believe what a miracle of a layer of paint makes your kitchen tired. But the fact is that the main door cover can limit you. For example, in laminate, like wooden and MDF doors, it does not have good paintability. The painting process, which is one of the most productive ways to make a difference in remodeling old cabinets, will cost you little, but keep this in mind: Save on your budget for paint, primer and sandpaper Do not save

Saving colors and tools is not really a good idea for a pleasant change! The interesting thing is that the proverb is not unreasonably expensive, it also applies to color. Because cheap paints are scratched in the shortest time and the use of poor quality tools and brushes leaves brush bristles and streaks on the cabinet. We remind you that some of the colors available in the market have been produced for repainting kitchen cabinets. Although you have to pay more for such colors, but be sure that the quality is worth the high price.

Also, color change is one of the limited cases that we can fix in the shortest time and at a low cost and make a fundamental difference in the appearance of our cabinet.

Renovation of old cabinets


  • It is not bad to know that the process of painting the kitchen cabinets and its preparation steps is not suitable for everyone because it is time consuming. To achieve the miracle we are waiting for, we have to go through several steps, including opening the cabinet fittings, cleaning, sanding, putty, painting and re-installation. So patience is required for this.
  • Like professional painters for painting, it is better to separate the cabinet doors from the body and continue painting in a space free of dust and suspended particles to the smoothest possible level.
Renovation of old cabinets

Replacement of handles and fittings / second solution

Do not have enough time and patience to paint your cabinets? Are you looking for a change that will take you the least amount of time? In this case, we must say that replacing the handles and fittings to renovate the old cabinets is one of the best options. Replacing fittings is one of the tricks we can use to make changes to our cabinets. Delightful and, of course, inexpensive shortcut! Do not forget that one of the attractive features of the handle is the character of the cabinet. So if you have a simple kitchen, take a step towards creating a pleasant change in your kitchen by using handles that have the right color and cover.

Note: The price of knobs and other fittings can vary depending on the material, size and some other factors and can affect your budget.

Renovation of old cabinets

Shopping in cabinets / third solution

You must be aware that the most expensive option for making a change in the kitchen cabinet is a complete replacement. (You can choose new cabinets from Parax’s portfolio if you wish.) But there is an affordable solution, and that is to buy in cabinets. In this way we mark with a double arrow; We have also made a fundamental change in the look of our kitchen without incurring much expense.

Renovation of old cabinets

The last word

Parax brand produces and installs products for you dear ones by having many years of experience and employing Iranian and foreign expert forces and using the latest devices in the world. Obviously, by choosing Parax cabinets, you will take quality and beauty to your home at the same time. Since none of us have yet become rich enough to buy cheap goods, by choosing quality products we can use them for many years with peace of mind.