About Parax

Parax Company is one of the subsidiaries of Novin Choob va Sanat Asia Company, which has started its activity in the field of supplying raw materials since 2009. The company was established in 2011 and began its activities in accordance with international standards in the implementation of interior decoration of kitchens, bathrooms and other residential spaces.


In 1399, it has opened the largest and most complete production line of cabinets, toilets and cupboards in our dear country. In the production of Parax, both in the field of production and in the field of sales, the latest technology is used and in order to expand the activity and variety of products, more Designed and produced from 100 cabinet designs by prominent designers and specialists of Parax Group. Parax design program is web-based and ordering cabinets in Parax design program to provide the best services for customers can be ordered online.
It should be noted that Parax Company helps to improve the quality level of domestic products by supplying and trading raw materials and machinery directly by the factory itself, as well as extensive cooperation with modern companies around the world.

Iranian knowledge; Global quality

By using experienced and trained personnel and using modern machines, Parax has become a special collection in the design industry with different quality and ability to execute specific and extensive projects. In order to promote this industry, Parax Company has benefited from the support of prominent architects and specialists, and in this regard, the support of cultural activities in the field of architecture has been at the top of its programs. The company has always expanded its field of activity to provide the best raw materials in terms of quality, variety and durability with an innovative approach.

A clear but big goal

Parax; Aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction as a pioneer and model in this industry throughout Iran. To achieve this goal, it has tried to satisfy its hard-working customers by presenting modern and high-quality designs.
Cooperation with companies such as: biesse, cefla, scilm, sirca, collanti, …….