8 cabinet tricks for small kitchens!

Kitchen Cabinets
Do you live in a small apartment? Does your kitchen take up little space in the house? So it is almost certain that having enough space to store dishes has become one of your concerns! You have to admit that adding more cabinets to small kitchens is a bit difficult. You may not believe it, but there is not much to worry about! There are many solutions to avoid clutter in your kitchen. If you have enough knowledge and know how to use the space to your advantage, you can also manage your small kitchen. The fact is that if we look consciously at our surroundings, there are many dead spaces that can be used. For example, the sides of the refrigerator, inside the cabinet doors and things like that. Stay tuned to Parax to get acquainted with 8 kitchen cabinet tricks for small spaces!

Kitchen cabinet trick / Get started and hang the items on the walls!

One of the most efficient ways is to hang items such as cutting boards, pans, pots, banks, pot doors, etc. on the wall. This way you will have an artistic and modern kitchen without knowing it. Just attach a few pegs to your wall or attach magnets to the bottom of your cabinet and add metal banks. The good news is that installing these clamps does not require extra space and holes, and you can easily use it to increase the performance of your kitchen. All of these are things that you will have more kitchen cabinet space by observing them. Do not forget that this also allows you to display the dishes you have just bought!

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trick / Do not miss the moving islands!

Not having enough space to prepare food is one of the disadvantages of small kitchens. It is interesting to know that using a moving island is a great solution to solve this issue. You can place the island in any part of the house and move it to your kitchen if necessary. These islands often have multi-level shelves that play an important role in creating enough space. Parax’s suggestion is: Put the accessories you use a lot up and the rest down.

 moving islands

Kitchen cabinet trick / Do not hesitate to use the shelf!

It is interesting to know that installing a shelf (floor) on the wall is also one of the things that saves the interior space of the cabinet. In addition, by installing the shelf, we can place the accessories that we previously placed on the cabinet surface on these functional floors. So if you have an empty wall in the kitchen, do not hesitate to install the shelf. Of course, remember that these shelves are designed for small and light items such as mugs, vases and small containers. But they are also a great option for decorating the kitchen and storage purposes. Note: Improper use of shelves can have a negative impact on the space of your counter and cabinets and make it look crowded.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trick / Installing split drawers is an option you never thought possible!

You must have seen the deep drawers from which we have to work hard to find and remove items. The solution is simple! The use of split drawers both allows access to all the spaces inside the drawer and prevents confusion of the items inside it. There are also more accessories in them. Even though you have a small kitchen, are you still hesitant to install this type of drawer ?!

Installing split drawers is an option you never thought possible!

Kitchen cabinet trick / Using cabinets as a tool for small kitchens ?!

It may come as a surprise to you that we can take advantage of the small size of the kitchen cabinets. It is interesting to know that one of the less used sources of the kitchen is the same in the cabinets. for example:

  • By installing hooks in the interior of the cabinet, we can put our plastic bags there.
  • By tightening the same hooks, you can hang your fabric, gloves and miscellaneous tools on it.

The examples mentioned were the ones that came to the mind of the author of this article. Of course, you will make other uses of the cabinet by using creativity and according to your needs.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trick / It’s right that the organizer is made for you!

Imagine a small kitchen with tall cabinets and finally a floor! Isn’t this really a clear example of light upon light ?! Now you say your kitchen cabinets have the same appearance features? Do not worry, even if your cabinet model is like this, you can think of a solution for it. For example, instead of stacking glasses, it is enough to use a special floor and organizer. With this method, space can be used in the best way.

Of course, the lower floors of cabinets are also one of the pain areas where we often put boards, pots and pans. Rapid disintegration is one of the negative features of this part of the cabinet. You must know that using regulators is a useful solution to this issue. This way, your small dishes will be in place without any damage.

It's right that the organizer is made for you!

Kitchen cabinet trick / Have you ever considered hanging objects on exterior surfaces?

There are many levels in the kitchen that can be used as storage space. Including:

  • Side of the refrigerator
  • Walls
  • microwave
  • dishwasher
  • Cabinet sides

For example, using sticky hooks on the outside of the kitchen cabinet to hang items such as towels and napkins; It helps to access them more easily and do not allocate space in your drawers. In addition, these hooks do not damage your cabinets due to their detachability. The good news is that following all of these tips will help you pack up easily when moving to another home; Even remove the adhesive hooks from their place and take them to the new house.

Let’s not forget that paper napkins are also among the tools that can be hung to prevent the space on the counter from being occupied. To do this, we must use paper towels that can be placed under the top cabinet. This will make your counter space more functional. There is also a kind of magnetic paper towels on the market that can be placed in the microwave or refrigerator.

Have you ever considered hanging objects on exterior surfaces?

Kitchen cabinet trick / Put things on the table when you have no other choice!

Do not worry if you live in a rented apartment that does not have enough space and your landlord has strict rules for adding anything to cabinets and walls. The solution is to place the items on a table or counter. But how? Arrange some useful items in your simple and beautiful trays and place them on the table. Placing the utensils in the tray makes the process of cleaning the counter easier and leaves the interior of the cabinet empty. Also, when you need space, you can move them in the shortest time.

Put things on the table when you have no other choice!

The last word:

Shrinking the size of houses has caused many people to worry about the lack of space to have more cabinets and storage of kitchen appliances. But by observing some cases, a solution can be found for this problem. Including:

• Hang items on the walls and exterior surfaces of cabinets

• Use of moving islands

• Use hidden drawers and several other solutions

We remind you that the expert team of Parax designs and implements functional spaces, kitchens and cabinets. So do not worry about the small size of your kitchen and contact our experts for necessary guidance.