All about countertops

The countertops that we are going to discuss in this article has various types, such as: natural stone, Corian, marmonite, quartz and spl. This variety is a proof of the importance of accuracy in choosing the table, which is also called as countertops and tops. Like other materials, each type of cabinet surface has positive and negative features that we intend to examine in this article. In fact, we have collected all the necessary information about the countertop, which is one of the most important elements in the beauty of the kitchen. Stay with us until the end.

The most popular tops of countertops and their positive and negative characteristics

Get to know the most well-known countertop, their advantages, disadvantages and features in this section:

All about Corian countertops  

Corian, this artificial stone, which is a combination of acrylic polymers and minerals, was invented in 1967 and gradually became known and welcomed in the market. It is interesting to know that the compounds used in corian have created unique features that cannot be seen in natural stones such as marble and granite.


Why choose corian?

• Durability and long life

• Resistance to heat and thermal shocks

• Anti-stain and dirt

• Antibacterial and waterproof

• Resistant to acidic substances

• Having the ability to repair and restore just like the first day

• Easy to clean

• Reasonable price compared to quartz and granite

• Proper formability

• Corian’s seamless execution at right angle joints is another positive feature that makes it twice as beautiful.

Why not choose Corian?

• Placing a hot dish on the curtain is tantamount to causing discoloration.

• Some chemicals used in the manufacture of corian cause stains.

• Corian’s color change over time is one of its disadvantages, which can be solved by polishing.

• Improper use of sharp objects such as knives will cause scratches on the Corian countertop.


Learn more about Corian colors!

Maybe in the past, the number of Corian stone colors was very limited, but the past is the past! Currently, Corian stone can be found in more than a hundred colors. This variety of colors gives Corian an incomparable beauty that makes it comparable to natural stones. Pure black and white colors of corian are two colors that are widely used in modern and minimal styles and are considered a suitable option for classic designs. Besides, happy colors such as orange, yellow, blue are seen in less stones and are the distinguishing features of corian stone. It is not bad to know that Corian new design and texture has made it a suitable option for use in modern kitchens and bathrooms.


Corian storage conditions

Seams and cracks have no place in the construction and installation process of corian stone. Having no seams creates a resistant and durable surface that with a little care will always have the beauty of the first days.

• Daily cleaning of the Corian screen using a microfiber cloth dipped in kitchen surface cleaning spray (do not use a glass cleaner for this purpose!)

• Remove any stains and liquid residues as soon as possible.

• Clean the Corian sink every night with the help of a household cleaner to prevent grease stains from forming on it.

Use the following methods to remove all kinds of stains on the surface of Corian:

You must be aware that each stain has its own cleaning method:

• Oil and fat stain: just dip the microfiber cloth in some diluted bleach, then wash the desired area with warm water and dry it with a towel.

• Lime deposits left on Corian cabinet surface caused by water hardness: wipe the microfiber cloth dipped in vinegar on the deposits. Wait a few minutes, then wash and dry the surface.

• Stain caused by nail polish: Apply acetone-free nail polish remover on the stain and wash and dry the area.

• Chemical stains: Wash the stains left by paint cleaners, cleaners containing methylene chloride and acid, and metals quickly with soap and water.

With all this, the good news about corian is that it can be repaired, and there is no room for worry if a problem occurs. The fact is that scratches and stains created on the Corian surface are easily sanded and repaired.

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All about Marmonite Countertops

Marmonite countertops combine the positive characteristics of Corian and Quartz. In marmonite, whose core is made of corian and its outer surface is formed by quartz, no traces of corian and quartz defects can be seen. It is not bad to know that Marmonite with a thickness of 12 mm is used for the cabinet surface and with a thickness of 2 mm for the wall covering, between the cabinets, the bathroom wall, etc.

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Why choose Marmonite?

• Scratch resistance

• The reasonable weight of Marmonite, which makes it easy to transport and install, what could be the reason for it other than the Corian brain?

• Relative resistance to acid

• Similar appearance to stone and high variety of colors and designs

• The possibility of simultaneously using Marmonite as a cabinet surface and inter-cabinet surface has provided the conditions for creating book-mech designs (symmetrical surfaces) and vin-mech designs (lines that start from between the cabinets and continue to the surface).

• Impact resistance

• Resistance to water and humidity

• Not leaving a stain effect

• 90% resistance to detergents. Isn’t this great?!

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Why not choose Marmonite?

• Being irreparable, which is one of the disadvantages of the marmonite plate, has no reason other than the quartz layer that covers the plate and does not allow this. Of course, we should not ignore the fact that the resistance of this material greatly reduces the possibility of scratches and the need for repair.

• The second fault that can be taken from marmonite is the clarity of its cutting line. But is it wise to ignore all its benefits and give up its choice for these two reasons?

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What does Parax recommend to maintain the Marmonite page?

• Do not postpone today’s work to tomorrow and clean Marmonite surface every day with the help of a wet cloth.

• Remove stains before they dry.

• To prevent fat deposits, it is recommended to use detergents once a week.

• Don’t worry if nail polish spills on the marmonite plate and use acetone.

• Dilute bleach and use marmonite to remove grease.

All about SPL Countertops

One of the luxurious and European materials used as a screen is SPL. SPL panels, like Marmonite, are available in the market in two thicknesses: 12 mm (as cabinet panel) and 3 mm (as wall covering, floor covering and the wall behind the TV). These plates are considered one of the most suitable options for modern, minimal and neoclassical styles and have designs such as microcement (texture similar to concrete and cement), carbon black (matte), Vulcano (patina texture), etc.

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Why choose SPL board?

• Resistant to heat up to 160 degrees

• Resistant to scratches

•Anti bacterial

• It is anti-fingerprint and does not leave any marks on it.

• High variety of designs and colors

Why not choose the SPL board?

• The clarity of the cutting line prevents SPL from having a one-size-fits-all look.

• Unlike Corian, SPL does not have the feature of completely covering its seams. Visibility of the seam between the sheets is another defect of SPL.

• It is true that the SPL cabinet panel has acceptable durability and resistance, but if it gets damaged, there is no way to repair it.

• The high price of SPL is one of its disadvantages, which is the reason for the production of this material by European companies.

All About Quartz Countertops

Quartz, this industrial material that should be considered natural (90% of this material is quartz stone and 10% is resin) is considered to be one of the most popular materials for making countertops. Quartz, like other materials, has positive and negative characteristics, knowing them will help you make an informed choice.


Why choose quartz?

• Quartz has great strength and is produced without pores

• Resistant to any scratch and wear

• Impact resistant

• Resistant to acid

• No change in texture and color over time

• Quartz production process does not harm the environment and is not harmful

• Being a tool, quartz has made it a good choice for classic and neoclassical styles. • Easy to clean

Why not choose quartz?

• The clarity of the cut line of quartz and the visibility of the seams have made people who are sensitive to this issue refrain from choosing it.

• The lack of resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays does not make quartz a suitable option for outdoor use.

• Since quartz does not withstand temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius and melts, you should never put a dish that you have just removed from the gas directly on it. Just use a device such as a pot holder so that the screen is not damaged.


A little about quartz stone coloring for cabinets

The colors and designs seen in engineered quartz stone are the result of various pigments that exist in the structure of this stone. This feature makes quartz usable for many. Indeed, the variety of colors of the quartz plate has provided conditions that you will not face a challenge to coordinate it with the decoration. In the meantime, if we want to mention the most popular colors of quartz, we should mention cream, bone and shell. In addition, some quartz models used for cabinets have two or more colors. This issue creates beautiful and unique designs. The combinations we mentioned can include two complementary or contrasting colors or dark and light spectrums of the same color. With these interpretations, can you predict the unlimited variety of quartz cabinet panels in terms of color?

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The storage conditions of quartz stone are as follows

Even though the smoothness and anti-stain of the quartz surface makes its maintenance and cleaning easier than you imagine; But again, we draw your attention to a few things:

• You will need a wet and soft cloth to wash and clean the quartz screen daily. If you encounter a tough stain, you can remove it with soap and water.

• Is the gum stuck to the quartz surface of your cabinet? This issue can be solved more easily than you can imagine. It is enough to remove the sticky material from the surface by using the tip of a sharp tool like a knife and remove the stains left in the place by using wet wipes. Remember not to use harsh scotch and strong and acidic detergents when cleaning the quartz screen.

All about marble countertops

One of the countertops derived from nature is marble, which has countless fans. It is interesting to know that the variety of marble colors and designs that dazzle the eyes of every viewer has its roots in the place where it is extracted from. It seems necessary to mention that the colors of this stone are more than the light spectrum.

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Why choose marble?

• Variety of colors (this feature makes it easy to find the color that suits your taste and decoration).

• If you use marble as a cabinet surface, because it is clear and bright, you will have a kitchen with a brilliant surface.

Why not choose marble?

• Lack of sufficient resistance to acidic substances: lack of resistance to substances such as lemon juice, sauce or other acidic foods causes the screen to lose its transparency in case of stains and not being cleaned in time.

• Marble, like other natural stones, has a high weight, and this feature, in the case of improper foundation, eventually causes the loss of the original form and state of the cabinet.

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How to maintain the marble cabinet surface?

• As much as possible, avoid pouring acidic substances on the stone because it gradually causes erosion. If you spill these substances, clean them up immediately.

• Use soap and water solution and a soft cloth to clean the marble.

• To prevent damage caused by the penetration of acidic substances, use special surface sprays once a month.

How to remove stains from marble:

Creating a stain on the marble surface is not something that has no solution! Remember these solutions to fix this issue:

• Fat stains and cosmetics: using detergent solutions such as shampoo

• Paint stains: remove the mentioned stains with the help of thinner and spatula. But remember to use the spatula in such a way as to prevent any scratches and abrasions.

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The Last word:

In this article, Parax, the producer of new models of kitchen cabinets, tried to gather everything you need to know about the types of cabinet surfaces and their positive and negative characteristics so that you can make a smart choice. We would like to point out that Parax is selling corean from the Korean Hyundai brand among the pages that we discussed above. You, dear ones, can share your questions in this field with our experts. Just do it through the available communication channels.