All that others don’t tell you about the shaker cabinet!

shaker cabinet
The first step to take when ordering kitchen cabinets is to choose the style of the door. Shaker, with its neoclassical vibe, is one of the most popular doors to choose from. This extremely popular cabinet is sometimes simple and sometimes has decorative details on the edges according to the customer's taste. Since Parax Company is one of the pioneers of the cabinet industry by offering various doors, including Shaker, it invites you to read more.

What is the shaker cabinet?

Shaker is one of the most popular trends that creates a modern kitchen with its relatively simple and stylish appearance and is one of the first options when ordering cabinets. Shaker doors, which can be made in five or one piece, give a clean and orderly appearance. Simplicity and being classic in a way make the mentioned doors complement all types of kitchen designs. Being large in the cabinet and the drawer side compared to the openings is part of the standard governing the Shaker kitchen cabinet, which doubles its visual appeal.

shaker cabinet

It is not bad to know a little about the history of Shaker cabinet!

The first shaker cabinet was built in the 19th century by a religious community that advocated simplicity and efficiency at the same time. Adherence of this group to simplicity and practicality was also evident in the wooden furniture made by Sassifjan. Don’t forget that despite the traditional feel of the Shaker cabinet, its simple and orderly lines have made it a favorite of modern friends and fans.

shaker cabinet

Can we believe the stylishness of shaker cabinet doors?

Shaker cabinets, often covered with natural wood veneers or paint, convey the lightness and appeal that contemporary interior designers are looking for. In addition, imagine Shaker kitchen cabinets in white and gray colors, which are suitable for modern kitchens because of their regular lines. The stylishness of the modern kitchen is undeniable! All this is not enough to believe in the stylishness of these doors?!

shaker cabinet

Shaker style kitchen types:

Shaker style modern kitchen:

Shaker style cabinets open the hands of designers and this is one of their strengths. This means that according to the customer’s taste, these cabinets can be used simply or with a little decoration. Those shaker cabinets that are made according to the principles of modern style (without decorations), whether they are made of wood or materials such as MDF, whether they are painted or coated, give a unique charm to the kitchen.

shaker cabinet

Shaker style transitional kitchens:

It is interesting to know that transitional kitchen designers (a combination of classic and modern styles) are more inclined towards shaker style cabinets. The reason for this is clear. The appearance of the shaker cabinet is in a way that can convey both traditional and modern feelings well. For example, by changing the edges to a slanted shape, the Shaker cabinet can be moved to a traditional style.

shaker cabinet

Traditional Shaker style kitchens:

Beveled edges best add a sense of traditional style to Shaker kitchen cabinets. In addition to the beveled edges, the use of quality colors and fittings that harmonize with the traditional style will completely create a traditional kitchen for you.

shaker cabinet

Frequently asked questions about Shaker kitchen cabinets!

Are shaker cabinets old and obsolete?

not at all! Shaker kitchen cabinet with simple and regular lines and the ability to coordinate with classic and modern design is increasing its popularity every day.

shaker cabinet

Can we be satisfied with the quality of the shaker cabinet?

In response, we must say yes! Of course, if you order the shaker cabinet from Parax. We have this claim because we are comfortable with how to design, build, install, and most importantly, the material. The number of big projects such as Artiman, Shoka, Tchera, etc., confirms this claim!

shaker cabinet

Is Shaker kitchen cabinet expensive?

If we want to look at the matter realistically, Shaker Parax cabinets have a reasonable price despite the quality design and material. We believe that we are not yet rich enough to buy cheap!

shaker cabinet

Can you tell us about the practicality of Shaker kitchen cabinets?

Shaker cabinets can be considered the most practical type of cabinets because they alone can satisfy the needs of fans of classic, neoclassical and modern styles and provide suitable work and storage space.

shaker cabinet

Do you have a sample of existing shaker doors?

Yes! The good news is that you can order both types of shaker doors with the best materials from Parax. Our experts will create a spectacular kitchen for you, taking into account the size and space at your disposal!

shaker cabinet

What is the variety of colors of the shaker cabinet?

It is true that one of the most demanded colors for shaker cabinets is white, but in order to obtain customer satisfaction, Parax even combines colors to produce exactly what you want. Shaker painted cabinets with their clean look and attractive colors make a splash in the kitchen.

The last word:

Shaker kitchen cabinet with its unique appearance and tendency towards traditional and contemporary designs has been able to gain high popularity in several consecutive years. This has led us to dedicate a production line to the production of this popular product. It’s good to know that investing in high-quality Parax cabinets will save you from having to repair and replace your cabinets every few years. We have this claim because we are aware of the quality of our products. In addition, we have prepared conditions for you to contact our experts to receive more information. It is enough to act through communication channels.