Everything about the two color cabinets

Two color cabinets
Remember the days when the kitchen was mentioned as a place to cook food and snacks? Isn't it a pity to reduce the space that can reflect your favorite personality and design style to the level of cooking? Having a specific environment that is kind of a statement of your interests is more important than you think. On average, people spend 37 to 51 minutes a day in the kitchen. So we do not exaggerate if we call the kitchen the most used space in the house. With all this, shouldn't the most used room of your house look pleasant? You are probably aware that one of the interior design trends is the two-color kitchen cabinets. The reason for this is the ability to create a visual appeal and spacious display of this type of cabinet. Follow us to talk about the most beautiful way you can do to personalize your kitchen.

A brief about two color cabinets

In the definition of two-color kitchen cabinets, it is enough that it is made of a combination of two different colors. This combination is seen in different forms:

• Sometimes the color of the island may be different from the cabinets.

• Sometimes half of the cabinets are a different color from the other half.

• Sometimes we see a combination of wooden and painted cabinets.

• Sometimes we see a unique contrast that results from the use of two complementary colors.

• Sometimes wallpaper is used to make the kitchen look attractive.

It is interesting to know that in the past, Rival has been combining the colors of kitchen cabinets with the background.

Two color cabinets

Why use two-color cabinets?

  • Two-color cabinets can be coordinated with any design style. This feature makes it easier to create a space that is welcoming.
  • Your hands are completely free to choose the color and you have many combination options in front of you. For example, cream-brown two-color cabinets, white-gray two-color cabinets, wood-colored two-color cabinets, etc. can be mentioned.
  • Two-tone cabinets add incredible beauty and value to your home.
  • Would you like your kitchen to look bigger than it is? Yes? In this case, you can use two-color cabinets.
Two color cabinets

Do you know the benefits of two-color kitchen cabinets?

Have you ever wondered how two-color cabinets transform the space? What makes using two colors for kitchen cabinets so attractive?

• The effect of using two complementary or contrasting colors on the aesthetic attractions of the kitchen cabinets can not be ignored. Indeed, even the simplest kitchens look more beautiful with the use of two-color cabinets. It is no exaggeration to say that these cabinets turn a dead space into an eye-catching space. In addition, having cabinets with different colors will create a unique kitchen that is uniformly spaced from floor to floor.

• Listen to Parax and if you want to make your kitchen space look bigger, take the use of two colors for cabinets seriously. Did you know that using light colors for lower cabinets and dark colors for upper cabinets makes the kitchen look more spacious? But if you are looking for a bright view of your kitchen space, it is better to do the opposite and choose bright colors for the upper cabinets to reflect the incoming light from the windows.

You may not believe it, but by using two-color cabinets, you will have a more valuable kitchen. The reason for this is that the combination of two colors for kitchen cabinets is one of the hot global trends. So if you are thinking of painting your cabinets and you are going to sell your house in the near future, do not forget the two-color cabinets. Surely there are smart buyers among other potential buyers who are ready to move into an attractive home.

Two color cabinets

Take these tips seriously when using a two-tone kitchen cabinet

First select the focal points

Before designing a two-color kitchen, first decide which part you would like to have a different color, in other words, be the center of attention? Do you, like some homeowners, prefer your island to be a focal point? Another option is to consider a row of cabinets along a wall as the focal point. Of course, this offer does not work well for U-shaped kitchens.

It’s time to choose colors!

It may seem easy at first, but finding two colors that overlap well is a challenging process. We remind you that by looking at the portfolio available on the Internet and consulting with reputable design companies, you can get many ideas. It is not bad to know that most people are looking for a combination of colors that give a natural look to the kitchen, such as white and wood colors. These kinds of subtle changes create a lot of visual appeal.

Choose dark cabinets at the bottom.

This way, your kitchen will look more spacious, regardless of the actual size. Not great?

Do not forget to think about the details!

After choosing two colors for the cabinet, you will need an element that unites these colors. This element can be selected in the form of a light shade at the top of a color and a dark shade at the bottom. Even this unifying element can be some of the fittings used in the cabinet. Of course, Parax’s suggestion is to use matching fittings in two-color designs to add harmony to the space.

Two color cabinets

A few practical ideas for two-color kitchen cabinets

Take these two things seriously when using two-color cabinets:

  • Do not forget to choose contrasting colors for the top and bottom cabinets. For example, you can choose white for the upper cabinets and gray or black for the lower cabinets. It is not bad to know that matching the tiles between the cabinets with the colors you have chosen for the cabinets will create a beautiful balance in the kitchen.
  • Do not use the same material for your two-color cabinets! If your lower cabinets are made of dark wood, you can work the upper parts with glass facades and white cabinets.
  • Be bold in front of the island! Do you have an island cabinet in your kitchen? Yes? So use the top and bottom cabinets in one color and the island in a different color. Different shades of blue, yellow and green will be stunning options.
  • Double the look of your cabinets with unique accessories. For example, replace existing drawers, handles, and appliances with special and custom kitchen utensils.
Two color cabinets
Two color cabinets

What are the disadvantages of two-color kitchen cabinets?

In fact, using two-color kitchen cabinets does not cause harm in itself. Just before choosing and installing, you should pay attention to the following points: Make a decisive and comprehensive decision to choose colors. Keep in mind that the colors you choose are in harmony with the design of the kitchen and complement each other in some way. Do not forget that one of the purposes of installing two-color cabinets is to create more space. So make sure the colors you choose do not interfere with this.

Two color cabinets

The last word

For many years, many people have come to believe that using two-color cabinets is a great way to have a beautiful and spacious kitchen. how about you?! Are you a fan of this hot trend? If your answer is yes, we hope you have gained interesting information and ideas by reading this article. In addition, if needed, you can consult the experienced experts of Parax Company by phone, online and even in person.