Cabinet glass
Cabinet glass Cabinet glass and the effect it has on the beauty of kitchen decoration is not hidden from anyone. Cabinet glass doors and shelves have opened a special place in the hearts of many decorators and women due to their transparency and exposure of decorative accessories and utensils. If you are also a fan of inter-cabinet glass, colored inter-cabinet glass, etc.This article has been compiled for you. Join us to check the types of cabinet glass.

Types of glass cabinets

1-Transparent cabinet glass:

Transparent cabinet glass is one of the most original and oldest glass used in kitchen cabinets. This type of glass reveals everything that is placed inside the cabinet; For this reason, some people avoid using it But one of the most obvious advantages of clear glass is that it makes the space look bigger. For this reason, they are the most suitable type of cabinet glass for use in modern and small kitchens.

Transparent cabinet glass

2-Semi-transparent glass cabinet:

Semi-transparent cabinet glass is suitable for people who are both interested in glass cabinet doors and do not like the utensils and accessories inside their cabinets to be completely visible. Translucent or opaque glass, also known as frozen glass, is one of the best options for modern kitchens.

Do not forget that this type of glass does not reveal the layout and sloppiness inside the cabinet, but some details such as the size and color of the accessories can still be seen.

Semi-transparent glass cabinet

3-Textured cabinet glass:

If you are a fan of textured glass so you have to be a little obsessed when choosing so that you do not spend time with an old-fashioned kitchen after a while.A suggestion: Glasses with a simple and classic design are both old and outdated and more elegant in appearance.

Textured cabinet glass

4-Granular cabinet glass:

The latest model of glass cabinet on the market is the granular type. The beauty and effect that granular cabinet glass gives to the kitchen is more than other glass . If you are a fan of traditional and classic style This type of glass with its fine and coarse grains is the most suitable option for your kitchen.

Of course, with a correct design and arrangement of this type of glass can be used for modern style. If you want to hide the dishes inside your cabinet, it is better not to use this type of glass.

Granular cabinet glass

The last word

It is hoped that by presenting this article, we have been able to provide you with useful and practical information in the field of cabinet glass. We would like to point out that Parax company produces cabinets according to the latest standards of the world by placing the goal of paying attention to the quality of the material and taking into account all the details. Dear friends, you can contact our experts to get more information through communication channels.