job opportuniti for content production expert

  • Gender: Madam, sir
  • Contract type: full time
  • Mastery of SEO principles and concepts
  • Mastery of content planning, content marketing and content strategy and production
  • Fluent in English and translation for content production
  • Full knowledge of publishing and content management platforms (blog, social networks, Drupal, WordPress)
  • Ability to produce textual, visual and advertising content
  • Ability to produce content for social networks, their management and strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Fluent in computer work, web pages and internet search
  • Ability to create targeted content
  • Mastering the principles and concepts of advertising and marketing
  • Order and continuity in doing work, team work spirit, personal order, creativity
  • Gentlemen with end of service card
  • Familiar with film production and editing, animation and graphics, digital marketing, the ability to teach and learn are the advantages
  • Place of work: Ahmadabad Mostofi

Eligible applicants are kindly requested to send their resume to