Hpl Surface

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When thinking about changing the decoration of the kitchen and cabinets, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength and durability of the materials in addition to the visual beauty. Parax advises you to have a kitchen with an integrated design using HPL surface. In this article, we have examined the most important reasons for using hpl overlay. Stay with us.

6 reasons to choose HPL surface:

1- Being healthy

HPL is a non-toxic substance and since the hygiene of the kitchen is very important, you can use this coating in your kitchen cabinets to cook with peace of mind. In addition, the absence of pores on the surface of HPL makes it a barrier against harmful substances and prevents the formation of harmful substances on cabinet doors. Another positive feature of HPL is its easy cleaning and maintenance, the importance of which is not hidden from anyone.

hpl surface

Hpl Surface

2- High color variation

High color diversity is another positive feature of HPL, through which the designer’s hand is left open to implement the idea by using colors, textures and designs of natural materials such as the appearance of natural wood. This is one of the most important strengths of HPL, which ignores it, making it difficult for you to choose the cabinet and its type of cover. HPL can also be applied in a matte and glossy form.

By using glossy surfaces, you will have a kitchen that looks bigger visually.

3- Anti-fingerprint

Advances in technology have reached the point where experts have been able to apply anti-fingerprint properties to HPL surfaces as well. Do you agree that there is nothing more annoying than seeing fingerprints on cabinets and surfaces after cleaning the kitchen?

Dear ones, you can share your questions about the collection of anti-fingerprint surfaces, which is one of the great achievements of the Parax collection, with our experts, and make your purchase with full awareness.

hpl cabinet

4- high resistance

HPL cuts easily and this is another feature of it. For this reason, experts and operators will have multiple choices to obtain any size of surface without major losses during operation. HPL’s very high resistance to extreme temperatures, scratches, humidity and abrasion has led to cabinets and furniture made with this coating in industrial establishments or laboratories.

5- Long life cycle

The material used in hpl surface is such that it can be called a long life cycle. As a result, by choosing this ideal cover, you will have a durable kitchen cabinet with a long life.

hpl door

6- Low cost

The good news is, HPL materials are very affordable. Therefore, it is one of the first choices of manufacturers  Because it helps them make more money by reducing production costs It also makes the process of buying a new kitchen easier and faster for the customer.

hpl kitchen

The last word

The positive features we mentioned are not all the advantages of HPL This is the list that Parax has chosen as the most important reasons for using HPL surface. Of course, the quality of work depends on the performance of the manufacturer and the devices and machines With years of experience,

 we give you the assurance that when creating an integrated kitchen design, we always consider first-class details.