Large gathering of the Novin Choob family on the occasion of the holding’s 18th birthday

جشن تولد هجده سالگی هولدینگ نوین چوب
In this post, we have shared with you, dear user, the pictures that have been gathered on the 22nd of Ordibehesht, 1401, from the friendly period of the members of Novin Choob Holding, who have gathered together on the occasion of the birth of this large collection. Take a minute and get to know us better!

Holding companies:

(Novin Choob, Parax, Sazokar, Novin Service, Paraco)

• Speech by the esteemed managers of Novin Choob Holding at the beginning of the ceremony: Messrs. Salimi, Akbari, Sanei, Torabi, Tajik and Vakili.

• The arrival of the beloved comedian Mr. Hassan Reyvandi to the ceremony and the creation of memorable moments!

• Do you agree that a birthday party fails without a cake?

• A dance that does not know big and small!

• And finally, pictures of super-modern wood family members.