Let’s get to know the Italian cabinet more!

Italian cabinet
The Italian cabinet with its impressive design is one of the most suitable choices for classic kitchens. This type of cabinet, whose visual appeal can be seen at first glance, has countless fans all over the world. Parax will continue to examine the features of this luxury cabinet. Be with us!

Where does the popularity of the Italian cabinet come from?

Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturers have used a lot of human knowledge to make their products evoke elegance and beauty at the same time. But why do these attractive cabinets have many fans?

  • The antique Italian cabinet theme adds a touch of uniqueness to the kitchen.
  • The use of high quality materials, creative designs and attention to all the details have added to the popularity of this cabinet.
  • This type of cabinet, which in addition to its visual appeal, has an important effect on increasing the value of the house, cannot be easily passed!
  • The design of Italian cabinets is not only suitable for cooking! But by having it, you can enjoy the kitchen space more.
Italian cabinet

A little about Italian cabinet material

Natural wood is the material that most Italian cabinets are made of, but not any wood! Since quality and beauty are both equally important in the construction of this type of cabinet, the best choice is to inherit strength, durability and elegance at the same time. Teak, cedar and oak are included in this category. In this section, it is important to mention that in order to lower the final cost, Parax company produces Italian cabinets with MDF cores that are painted or coated (natural wood coating, melamine, HPL, PVC) according to the customer’s order. Shunde produces.

Italian cabinet

Facts from the Italian cabinet

  • Are you one of those people who think about renovating their home every once in a while? Yes? In this case, we have to dissuade you from having an Italian cabinet! Because you fall in love with the special value and beauty that this cabinet provides for your home and kitchen, and you can’t easily give it up! So, having an Italian cabinet, you will not see the color of the restoration for a long time!
  • One of the characteristics of Roman or Italian cabinets is the quality of the components. In fact, it is difficult to find two parts of this cabinet that are not similar to each other.
Italian cabinet

No matter what we say, the price of the Italian cabinet cannot be passed!

You must be aware that wood is more expensive than other materials. So, if wood is your favorite option and you don’t want to pay too much, you can just choose a wooden door and choose other materials for the body. The good news is that we don’t use wood in making our cabinets to save you money. This means that you can make your favorite style in your kitchen at a much lower cost.

Italian cabinet

Italian cabinet color and nothing else!

After finishing the construction phase, the doors and body of the cabinets will start the painting phase! Obviously, compliance with quality is the first word in this department. The difference in the coloring process in Parax, which leads to the uniqueness of its products, including Italian cabinets, is as follows:

  • Using the most reliable and well-known primers before painting
  • Using colors according to the latest European standards from two Italian brands, Sirca and Vercol
  • Carrying out the process of painting and drying the paint by using the latest devices that perform this process automatically and without the need for human labor.

Do not forget that there is a possibility of damage to the color if low-quality colors are used. So leave it to an expert! In addition, the variety of colors that exist in Italian cabinets makes it possible to easily match it with your kitchen appliances.

Italian cabinet

Pay attention to these things before choosing an Italian cabinet!

Have you decided to buy Italian kitchen cabinets? So keep these things in mind for a smart purchase:

  • The large volume of the Italian cabinet dictates that if you have a small space, do not choose it and choose a modern cabinet . You must be aware that the modern kitchen cabinet with its simple design plays an important role in making the environment look open and spacious.
  • Is the general style of your house classic and royal? So, in this case, choosing an Italian cabinet is right for you!
  • Place your cabinet order with a manufacturer that uses high-quality materials for the cabinet body. At Parax, we pay attention to all the factors that lead to longer durability of your cabinet. For example, the quality of MDF used by the Parax team to make the cabinet body is not comparable to similar products in the market! Just try it!
Italian cabinet

The last word:

Parax Company is one of the most well-known brands in Iran and active in designing, manufacturing and installing all types of luxury, classic, modern, neoclassical and European cabinets using the latest devices and the best materials. It should be noted that our experts design and produce all types of cabinets, fully customized, taking into account global standards and the space available to the customer. To get more information about Parax products and how to order, you can use the communication methods available on the site. Our goal is to build your dream kitchen!