Melamine Surface

روکش ملامین
After examining the types of sheets used in the cabinet industry, it is time to talk about melamine. Melamine, like compressed and hard plastic, is made from an organic compound. In fact, products that are melamine coated are called melamine. So remember that melamine cabinet means that the cabinet is covered with melamine.

What is melamine?

Melamine is the same wood fiber board (chipboard or MDF) that is covered with decorative paper impregnated with heat-resistant melamine resins And it is very popular and widely used in the wood industry of Iran and the world .In fact, raw Mdf or chipboard coated with melamine or letron coating is called melamine.

The melamine core, which may be foam or chipboard, is pressurized and heated by the melamine resin coating, creating a surface resistant to liquids, abrasion and heat. Melamine sheet with MDF core; It has higher quality and weight than melamine sheet with chipboard core.

Since MDF and chipboard sheets have low resistance to heat and moisture, they cover this weakness by covering them. And increase their tolerance. One of these coatings is melamine. A new type of melamine is also called synchronization, which is known for its special protrusions.

melamine surface

How to glue a melamine Surface?

To coat the surface with melamine, first the wood surface, which is mostly MDF, is smoothed and polished and ready to be coated without any dust. Finally, the melamine coating is applied to the wood at a certain temperature and humidity, and the pressing step, which may take between 40 and 60 seconds, is performed. In the end, the wood is cooled and usable. Do not forget that the thickness of the melamine coating is about 0.25 to 0.35 mm.

Positive features of melamine sheet:

  • The price is right
  • Beautiful appearance and high strength
  • Resistant to heat, humidity, temperature change, insects
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Match the color of the edges with the work surface
  • High variety of designs and colors

Negative features of melamine sheet:

  • Low resistance to acidic and alkaline substances
  • Stain fast (of course, the faster the stain is removed, the faster it disappears).
  • The edge material is different from other surfaces
  • Low melamine transparency compared to PVC and acrylic.

Uses of melamine Surface:

  • LCD tables
  • bed set
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • partition
  • Wall scrubbing

Did you know?

Did you know that raw melamine is harder than PVC and melamine has more applications and variety of uses than PVC in the cabinet making industry? And it costs much less? Because melamine coating requires great care, melamine sheets are produced in factory production lines.

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