Minimal cabinet and unsaid of it!

minimal cabinet
The minimal cabinet, which is considered one of the subcategories of the modern style, has captured the imagination of many people, including artists and celebrities, with its smooth design and flat appearance. It is interesting to know that modern cabinets without handles existed in the 1960s, but now they are more popular. The reason for this is that busy lives and the desire to be practical have affected people's taste. If you are not familiar with this attractive style, stay with us until the end of the article. To satisfy part of your curiosity, it is enough that the minimal kitchen cabinet has entered the field with the aim of getting rid of unnecessary clutter and creating a useful, practical and clean space.

Minimal cabinet and 9 ideas to have it!

Minimal ideas create a modern and efficient kitchen with minimal details and most of the time without any decorations. Simple lines that reveal an engineered quality are considered the most obvious feature of the minimal kitchen cabinet. Remember these 9 ideas to have an updated, stylish and functional kitchen cabinet!

1. Are you ready to have an all-white kitchen?

Minimal kitchen and white decoration complement each other. Therefore, it is better to choose neutral and soft colors. (Of course, the minimal cabinet can be seen in colors such as black and in two colors, which you will see in the following pictures). Indeed, there is nothing comparable to the feeling that can be obtained from the cleanliness of a pure white kitchen! If you follow the minimal style for most aspects of your life, it’s a shame to leave the kitchen ideas of this style unread!

minimal cabinet
minimal cabinet

2. Focus on the beauty and of course the quality of the material!

You must also agree that a beautiful product that does not smell of quality is empty like your drum! Considering this issue, we manufacture and produce all kinds of kitchen cabinets. For example, to complete the minimal kitchen, it seems wise to choose marble, Corinth or…if it has harmony with the color and texture of the cabinet in addition to the quality. The important thing that seems to be in this section is that to avoid creating a hospital atmosphere, use warm coverings such as wood for the kitchen floor to create visual appeal. It is not bad to know that by ordering a cabinet from Parax company, you are responsible for choosing the stone. But isn’t it a pity to ignore the purchase without knowing the features of Corian stone?

minimal cabinet

3. Consider Scandinavian design!

Do you know the features that distinguish Scandinavian kitchen design from other designs? Back-to-back spaces, combining efficiency, beauty and minimalism. These meaningful features that create a minimal kitchen can be seen without any clutter. So, if you expect the kitchen cabinet to give you an open space and be seen in the form of clean lines with modern colors, take inspiration from Scandinavian designs. Improving everyday life is the goal that Scandinavian kitchen designers have thought about.

minimal cabinet

4. Go for white color and monochrome design.

Choosing white color for the kitchen cabinet as the first choice means that it is stylish and popular; But being realistic is not bad either! The truth is that white cabinets require more maintenance and cleaning; So it is better to choose another color for the work surface. For example, you can choose matte or semi-gloss finishes that match the color of your kitchen decor. In addition, does the all-white kitchen convey the feeling of being in a hospital? To fix this issue, it is better to color one or two elements. Painting the wall or using wood and stone flooring can also create an enchanting contrast with white cabinets.

minimal cabinet

5. Make a lasting impression by using natural wood!

The material that captures hearts as soon as it is used in any style is wood. By conveying a sense of warmth and life, wood makes a minimal kitchen more lovely than you can imagine. The use of wood and its combination with architectural details creates an uproar.

minimal cabinet

6. Focus on cabinets without handles!

The idea of using a handle for a minimal cabinet creates nothing but an unpleasant combination. The fact is that elegance and simplicity, while being stylish, leaves no room for using details such as handles.

minimal cabinet

7. Do not underestimate the power of color in beautification!

Color is the powerful material that spreads the feeling of being alive in the space. But did you know that the painted wall or cabinet of the kitchen affects even the exterior walls? For this reason, reason dictates that we have a purpose for choosing colors. It is better to go for a neutral main color first, and then choose a vivid and natural color for some elements of the kitchen, such as the buffet or chairs. Note that the second color is as important as how it is used. Parax’s advice for having an attractive minimal kitchen is this: limit vivid colors to elements that you can change and update in a short period of time.

minimal cabinet

8. Keep the kitchen behind the door!

Truly, there is nothing more exciting than kitchens that are not displayed! Sliding doors that open and close to hide and reveal household appliances or cooking areas and create a memorable scene every time, aren’t they fantastic? It’s good to know that Parax designers include drawers with hidden handles and internal lighting in your kitchen if you don’t have a large space. We would like to remind you that by using first-class fittings, advanced lighting and materials according to the latest international standards, we will create a certified kitchen cabinet for you.

minimal cabinet

9. A personality part of the minimal cabinet?

Have you thought about the fact that the use of recycled materials gives originality to the kitchen? Indeed, the complementary element of the minimal kitchen is the use of materials that are pleasant for the environment lovers. Recycled wood veneer and tiles, antique mirrors, etc. are included in this category. Obviously, in this way, you will own a modern and supported kitchen.

minimal cabinet

How can I have a minimal kitchen?

To have a minimal kitchen, in addition to using modern cabinets without handles, you must decide what items you intend to hide. The hiddenness of elements such as the gas stove and other cooking devices creates a real minimal kitchen and plays a significant role in creating space. It is recommended not to neglect painting the interior of the cabinet and installing lighting, which is a great trick to make the kitchen look unique.

The last word:

Do you also like avoiding crowds and bright and neutral colors? Having said that, be sure to use simple patterns for the interior design of your home and kitchen, and in other words, be a fan of minimalist style. The good news is that the designers of Parax company did not neglect to create a hidden storage feature to create a minimal kitchen cabinet. It’s exciting to hide cooking parts behind doors that open and close intelligently, isn’t it? It is unique that the cooking section does not appear in front of our eyes when we do not intend to cook. You, dear user, can get more information about the minimal Parax cabinet and its features through the available communication channels. Parax company turns your dream into a reality by offering a variety of kitchen cabinet styles as a popular and reliable brand.