Natural Wood Surface

روکش طبیعی چوب
Expensive wood and its unaffordability made a large number of people unpopular with wooden products. This led the builders not to make cabinets, sofas, cupboards, etc. all of wood. It is interesting to know that wood Surface has two categories: natural and artificial wood Surface that have different uses. In this article, we will examine the natural type. Stay with us.

What is natural wood Surface?

Thin cuts of wood and bark that are 0.6 to 3 mm thick and are used to cover surfaces such as MDF, light boards, etc. In addition to giving a beautiful appearance, they also increase the strength and strength of the surface; They are called natural wood Surfaces. Natural wood Surfaces are often made of broadleaf trees due to a variety of colors and designs.

Since natural wood Surface requires thin sections of a tree trunk, After a tree trunk, a large number of Surfaces are obtained. This helps to preserve trees and the environment. The diameter, quality, shape and quality of the tree are among the factors that make different types of natural wood Surfaces different from each other.  These coatings have many uses, including: Manufacture of doors, cabinets, cupboards, furniture, interior decorations, etc.

natural wood surface

Advantages of natural wood Surface:

  • All knots, scratches and the natural shape of natural wood can be seen in these Surfaces
  • Both sides can be used.
  • It is possible to increase its durability with the oil primer layer.
  • Painting, sanding and repairing are some of the capabilities of this coating.

Disadvantages of natural wood Surface

  • Vulnerability to moisture: Wood Surfaces lose their original state if exposed to moisture for a long time; Unless a protective sealant is applied to them.
  • Maintenance: Increasing the durability of wood Surface requires payment at regular intervals.
  • Installation: The steps of installing wood Surface require the presence of a skilled and specialized person and the process is not easy.
wood surface

Last word:

From time immemorial, the design and appearance of wood is one of the signs and criteria of beauty in decoration. But the high cost and damage to the environment from the production of these products is unbelievable. This has led manufacturers to replace materials such as MDF and wood Surface.

With the advancement of technology, the produced coatings enjoyed variety, strength, thinner dimensions, higher quality and ductility. Keep in mind that the proper moisture content for natural wood Surface is between 40 and 85%. And too dry and wet conditions are not suitable for storing this type of coating. Our experienced experts are waiting for your comments and questions, dear ones.