Pvc Surface

What is PVC surface and what are its uses? If you are looking for answers to these questions, follow us to the end of the article.

What is pvc surface?

pvc surface (polyvinyl chloride), this compact and hard plastic that is one of the exquisite and valuable petrochemical products; By adding special materials, it becomes flexible and ready to be used in wood industry, construction, etc.
Cheaper price of PVC than other polymer materials, high durability of products made of PVC, strength, flexibility, availability and … It has made this material popular in various industries such as wood and construction.

PVC surfaces are produced according to the type of application, which can be distinguished from each other in thickness, color, embossed (smooth, glossy, matte, wood vein, etc.).


Applications of PVC surface

PVC has many uses, including the following:

  • Kitchen, bathroom and toilet cabinets
  • Sanitary service partition
  • Furniture industry
  • Build doors and windows
  • False ceilings and decorative ceilings
  • Car cabinets, trains and ….

Application of pvc surface in wood industry

The flexibility of PVC makes it the best option for surface profiles and corrugated tool surfaces and making edge tape, formwork and milling edge tape. For example, the use of pvc is very common for cabinet doors that have been deeply machined.

MDF boards with edged edges or surfaces can be easily coated using membrane presses and PVC surfaces.

pvc surface

PVC and kitchen cabinets

Do not use PVC for the screen on the cabinet under any circumstances. The kitchen cabinets as well as the facades used in it are the place of use of this cover.

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The main plywood surface used in the wood industry is membrane surface.When the desired design was implemented on MDF with a cyanide device First it is glued in the vacuum machine, the PVC cover is glued on it and finally it is placed in the membrane machine.