Be careful to choose the cabinet handle!

Cabinet handle
One of the questions we always ask ourselves when renovating a kitchen and replacing a cabinet is which handle model to choose? What is the reason for the importance of cabinet handles? In fact, the use and effect that the handle has on the beauty of the cabinet makes its selection challenging. Even if we say that the beauty of the cabinet is the handle, we are not exaggerating. Maybe that's why choosing it can be a complicated and time consuming process. It is interesting to know that by considering factors such as style, function and color of the cabinet, you can choose and finally have an acceptable purchase. So do not jump into the water and first get enough information about the handle and its uses.

It is true that the main reason for using handles for cabinets and drawers is performance, but this is not the only reason! Beauty is also one of the features that you should pay attention to. So, considering the design style of your kitchen, proceed to buy handles. For example, if the traditional style prevails in your kitchen, do not neglect the delicate and ornate handles. For modern homes, simple handles are also the best option.

Types of cabinet handles

Why should a kitchen cabinet have handles?

Do you agree that the use of handles has a direct impact on the performance of the cabinet? But considering efficiency alone is not enough, and to answer this question, one must also consider the design of the cabinet. For example, the taste of some people requires that everything be the same and the harmony of the handles in cabinets and drawers create a great and eye-catching combination.

What is the size of the kitchen cabinet handle?

The size of the kitchen cabinet handle is another factor that should not be overlooked. Determine the best handle size to match the style and design of your cabinet and make yourself comfortable with it. See if the handles are not too big or small and can be easily pulled and opened or not? By considering these items, the search process will be easier for you.

Cabinet handle size

What color handle should we choose for the white cabinet?

It does not matter what style; Classic, modern or neoclassical. White is one of the most popular colors in all kitchen styles. For this reason, when we enter most kitchens, we encounter white cabinets. But what do you think the color of the handle is more in harmony with the white cabinets? Colors such as black, bronze, stainless steel and nickel are all good options that double the beauty of your cabinets.

• Black and bronze:

The use of black handles for cabinets and white drawers creates an eye-catching appearance and beautiful contrast. Do not forget that one of the best colors for the handle of a modern kitchen is black. But if you have a traditional style home and kitchen, bronze handles are a good choice for you. This handle color gives your home an original and old feel.

Black cabinet handle
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• Stainless steel and nickel:

Do you have a minimalist kitchen? In this case, stainless steel is a great option for your kitchen. It is interesting to know that the easiest way to create a stronger contrast with silver and white is stainless steel. Steel material, cabinets and handles make you more prominent and beautiful. Regarding nickel, we have to say that it brings you all the benefits of stainless steel. But did you know that nickel, like bronze, is the best choice for traditional style homes?

Steel cabinet handle

Which cabinet handles for which kitchen style?

Before choosing a handle for cabinets and drawers, pay attention to the design style of the kitchen. Classic, modern and rustic style have their own handles. Paying attention to these items and creating a harmony between style and handles will make your kitchen desirable and unique. With these interpretations, what is your kitchen style?

• Rustic kitchens:

This style has simple and basic handles as well as creates indescribable comfort with its simplicity.

Rustic cabinet handles

• Classic kitchens:

Now, what kind of handles do classic cabinets require with their stylish and ornate appearance? You guessed it, you can think of nothing but elaborate handles.

Classic cabinet handle

• Modern kitchens:

Modern cabinets, which have gained many fans with their simple and stylish appearance, have two types of handles: handles without patterns and hidden handles. Did you know that Parax has chosen hidden handles for its modern cabinets?

Modern cabinet handles
Cabinet handle

The last word:

In the end, it is our choice. It’s up to you to decide which handle to buy. Just consider all of the above and take the time to make your choice. Following the tips that we have shared with you in this article will help you make an open-minded choice, make smart decisions and live in the kitchen of your dreams. If you have more questions about cabinets, fittings used in it, materials, etc., you can proceed through the available communication channels. Our experts are ready to respond and provide the necessary guidance to you dear ones.