What is the color mode of 2022 kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet color
Finding the right color for your kitchen cabinets has always been a challenging process. But by considering several factors, including the style of the cabinet and the skylight of the space, we can have a lower error rate in choosing the color. In addition, paying attention to the trends of the day also makes you a perfect kitchen. For example, are you aware of the color fashion of kitchen cabinets 2022? It is not bad to know that interior designers have preferred to use more effective colors in 2022. Follow us to get acquainted with the unique colors that the designers have chosen for the 2022 cabinet.

Wood range: new kitchen cabinet colors

A range of wood color combinations are among the most popular trends for kitchen cabinets in Iran and Europe. You may recall that in previous years, the use of two different colors for top and bottom cabinets was very popular. At present, the same idea is implemented with wooden cabinets or wood veneer. We note that Parax has included this lovely trend in its product line to meet this need. Did you know that wood goes well with white, gray, blue and brass?

kitchen cabinet color

Black, the color of the kitchen cabinets 2022

Black is one of the original colors with which any device, including kitchen cabinets, finds an incredible class. In addition, black cabinets create an attractive harmony with the white background behind the cabinets and a variety of wooden shelves that are full of a sense of life.

Black, the color of the kitchen cabinets 2022

Three- kitchen cabinet color, a spectacular trend!

Did you hear the name of the three-color kitchen? To have three-color cabinets, it is enough that one of the palette colors you have chosen does not have symmetry with the others. An interesting feature of asymmetric color is that it helps to identify visible areas and functions. For this combination, you can choose two neutral colors next to the bold color.

Three- kitchen cabinet color

Blue and its marine energy!

Blue and marine energy are still among the color trends of 2022 kitchen cabinets. The blue cabinet can be set well with light colors such as bone, beige, white, etc., and gives a strange calm to the kitchen environment. Dark blue can also be chosen to highlight the island. If you want your blue cabinet to have a luxurious and royal look, you can choose golden fittings and handles.

kitchen cabinet color

In this trend, stay away from white cabinets!

It is true that white cabinets have long been popular and simulate a clean and sterile space. But think about the fact that avoiding neutral colors creates a happy and energetic atmosphere for you. Which color you choose depends on your taste, but do not shy away from being unique. In the color trends of 2022 kitchen cabinets, as long as you use classic materials such as wood, glass or metal, you will not have any restrictions in terms of color choice.

white cabinets

Wooden cabinets are still common!

In 2022, wooden cabinets have not left the field of being up-to-date. So if you choose a wooden cabinet for your kitchen, pay attention to the type of wood. The reason for this is that the woods have different colors. For example, maple wood with its honey color has a completely different appearance from the white color of oak.

kitchen cabinet color

Green kitchen cabinets, one of the most beautiful trends of 2022

It is true that today there is a greater tendency to use dark colors, but we should not ignore colors such as green, which are derived from natural elements. Let’s not forget that the calm that green gives to the environment can not be easily ignored.

Green kitchen cabinet

In 2022, dare to paint the kitchen cabinets!

Interior designers have shown a great desire to use bold and bold colors this year. But with one difference! In this trend, they only use screaming colors such as red, yellow, crimson, etc. for the island or the upper or lower cabinets, and choose a neutral color for the rest of the cabinets.

kitchen cabinet color

Trend 2022 without using matte colors?

Nowadays, the popularity of matte colors such as charcoal, dark green and crimson has increased dramatically. It is interesting to know that these colors are reminiscent of the style of English kitchens. So if you want to renovate your kitchen and on the other hand you like English designs, put matte colors in your basket.

matte color

The last word:

If you like being fashionable, even for kitchen cabinets, do not avoid colors such as black, blue and green. Be bold and use screaming, matte and tricolor cabinets. Finally, it is not bad to point out that Trend Cabinet 2022 insists on using more wood and warm colors in a contemporary way. If you, dear ones, have a question about the color of the cabinet, you can proceed through communication channels so that our expert experts can answer it.