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Cabinet Fittings
Fittings, these amazing details that are added as the last renovation points to create a dramatic change in the appearance of the kitchen, include many items, including hinges, rails, jacks, handles, bases, etc. that we all in We deal with them somehow throughout the day. In fact, cabinet fittings are the decoration spice that creates an incredible difference. But keep in mind that in addition to beauty, also pay attention to the quality of the fittings so that the door and the board can be paired together!

Types of cabinet fittings

The parts that are used to complete many parts of the building and kitchen, such as cabinets, are the same fittings. It is interesting to know that these parts are mostly metal and in some types that are used for connection may be wooden. Since fittings are an integral part of cabinets, they are very important in the installation and execution process. But do not forget to consider the application and quality first. For example, do not buy button handles for heavy doors. Follow us to review the types of cabinet fittings and their applications.

• Hinge

It just so happened that the hinged tool that is responsible for connecting the two pieces to each other is a hinge. Among the types of hinges, we can mention ordinary hinges, restraints, degrees, etc. Obviously, each type of hinge has unique applications and features that must be selected according to the cabinet. For example, 0 degree hinges are used for corner cabinets, 110 degree hinges are used for ordinary cabinets and 155 degree hinges are used for super cabinets.

 Cabinet Fittings

• Cabinet drawer rails

This proverb applies to the drawer rail as well. For example, several years ago, they made it possible to move the drawer by installing a wooden frame on the body and creating a groove on it. But now, by using the latest methods, they have made rails that make the movement of the drawer smooth and very comfortable. Keep in mind that like other fittings, there are different types of rails that should be selected according to the weight and dimensions of the drawer. Simple rail, hidden rail, ball rail, body rail, tandem box rail, etc. are among the types of cabinet drawer rails, each of which has its own uses and features. Did you know that Parax’s choice for its rail cabinets is Tandem Box from the well-known Blum brand?

Cabinet Fittings

• Cabinet jack

Jack Obviously, if the width and weight of the cabinet are small, we should choose a jack with less power. If you ask about the jacks used by Parax, we should mention HK, HS, HL, HF from the Blum brand, which is somehow the secret of the difference between our cabinets and other brands.

Cabinet Fittings / blum

• Cabinet Knobs

The handle, which is recognized by experts as an element that complements the beauty of the cabinet, has different types; including: linear and button handles, rectangular and curved cabinet handles. What is certain is that each type of handle has different uses and is used in different arrangements. For example, when choosing for small and light doors, it is better to use button handles. It should be noted that due to the many options, the most used handle used in Parax cabinets is the hidden handle from the SCILM brand.

Tip: When choosing a handle, make sure that the hardware you choose is compatible with the drawer and cabinet! In this case, you can enjoy the harmony created twice.

Cabinet Fittings

• Cabinet leg

The hardware used to increase the height of the cabinet is the base. One of the most important features of the cabinet base is its ability to be adjusted, which makes it possible to increase the height. Like other fittings, the base of the cabinet is also made of different materials; such as aluminum, plastic and metal. It is recommended to choose the base according to the type of cabinet and decoration. We have chosen SCILM 12 and 15 cm base.

Cabinet Fittings

• Cabinet leg connection clips

The cabinet clip is a clip that is placed behind the footrest (a cover that is usually made of cabinet doors and is used to cover the empty face on plastic bases) and installs it to the base. The good news is that the footrest is easy to remove and put back in place. We have chosen the SCILM brand connecting clip.

Cabinet Fittings


The hardware that is used to have a cabinet without a handle and open the door easily is called a magnet. By using this hardware, the cabinet opens with only a little pressure. It is interesting to know that if you use a push magnet with a special magnet hinge, by pressing the cabinet, the door will open completely. We remind you that magnets with more power can also be used for jacked and top-opening doors. Did you know that Parax cabinet magnets are part of the well-known Blum brand family?

Cabinet Fittings

• Hangar

The hanger is another member of the family of cabinet fittings that many brands produce. Since the Parax company considers attention to detail as one of its most important principles, it buys this versatile product from well-known brands such as Blum and italiana ferramenta and uses it for your order. It is not bad to know that hangers are used to install wall cabinets and keep the cabinet on the wall.

Cabinet Fittings

• shelf support

Another type of fittings that play the role of retaining glass and MDF floors is floor thorns. Another type of fittings that plays the role of maintaining glass and MDF floors is floor spikes. Floor spikes are produced in different types such as crystal, rod and glass. In addition, we have not neglected the quality of the floor support and have chosen the well-known italiana ferramenta brand for our kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Fittings

Last word:

Cabinet fittings are parts that we all deal with throughout the day. These pieces have different uses and play a colorful role in the beauty of the kitchen. Obviously, in order to have beautiful and high quality cabinets, all its components must be carefully selected. Imagine the fittings being beautiful but not tailored to the weight or height of the door and unit! So is not it better to choose a cabinet that all its elements are designed and built with exemplary accuracy and quality? At Parax, we use fittings made in Italy and brands such as Blum and fantoni to complete our cabinets. It should be noted that our experts are ready to answer your questions, dear user, in the field of cabinet fittings. It is enough to act through the communication channels available on the site.