INFINITY 04 is the same modern cabinet with a touch of creativity

infinity cabinet

INFINITY 04 is the same modern cabinet with a touch of creativity

Modern style pursues a creative, different, multiple and unpredictable world, and that is the definition of infinity. With Infiniti, we have taken a new step towards integrating aesthetic art with modern cabinets.


Factors that create infinity cabinet:

  • The taste and art of famous Iranian and foreign designers
  • The most equipped cabinet making machines from world famous brands
  • Expertise and experience of construction and execution experts and …

If you already have a modern cabinet and you want to experience Infinity, or if you are interested in this style, the new art of Parax has been created for you. It is safe to say that the creativity of the designers and experts of Parax in this style has made it different from modern cabinets. You have probably heard that stylish and simple cabinets can make a house or kitchen feel more fresh and alive. It is the aesthetic art of Parax specialists who make customers’ dreams come true.

Some other positive features of Infiniti Parax cabinet

The Infinity style of the Parax cabinet, with its closet-like appearance, conveys a sense of order and spaciousness.
This style can be coordinated with other accessories. The reason is the lack of decoration and details.
The ability to open the door from the bottom up like an airplane has dramatically increased the practicality of this style

Last word:

Since maintaining quality and customer orientation is one of the most important goals that Parox management team and staff believe in, we have tried to provide conditions so that you, dear user, can obtain the information you need for free from experienced Parax consultants and make a smart choice. you have. In addition, our experts will answer your questions as soon as possible through communication channels, so that they can provide you with their information with patience and generosity.

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