Renato neoclassical cabinets

Neoclassical cabinets

Renato neoclassical cabinets

Renato Cabinet is a creative combination of classic and modern cabinets that bring elegance and beauty to your home.Taking advantage of the taste and talent of Iranian and foreign designers, we have taken a new step towards the construction and execution of neoclassical cabinets. Obviously, one of the most attractive styles of kitchen cabinets is neoclassical, which combines the beauty of a classic design with the simplicity of a modern style. Join us to explore more neoclassical cabinets.


What are the features of neoclassical cabinets?

  • Renato cabinet (new design of neoclassical style) are very popular because they complete the beauty of the kitchen and provide a luxurious environment.
  • The design of these cabinets is such that it is also called a combination.The complexity of design and engraving in this style has been significantly reduced.
  • This is not about the details of the classic style that made the kitchen a cumbersome creature.
  • The extreme simplicity of modern style is not seen in neoclassical cabinets. In fact, neoclassicism is a moderate style.

Review of Neoclassical Kitchen Cabinets:

1.Raw material

Neoclassical kitchen cabinets are usually made of natural wood such as fine oak and MDF. The reason for using natural wood is that it can be easily carved. CNC technology has also helped to make engravings faster and easier.

2.Cabinet color

Neoclassical cabinets are often seen in brown, white and gray. White color doubles the elegance and splendor of this style and gives it a dazzling beauty.

3.Kitchen space

In general, a large kitchen is more suitable for neoclassical cabinets. But if you have a small space, you can also choose this style. Indeed, one of the most important advantages of a neoclassical cabinet over a classic one is that it does not require much space.

The Last Word:

In this article, we examined the features of neoclassical cabinets and realized the difference between this style and classic. If you have any other questions about cabinets, you can contact our experts through communication channels. Obviously, after receiving the guidance, you can easily and with an open mind, do the purchase process. In order to satisfy you dear ones, we have prepared conditions for you to choose your desired style intelligently by visiting the permanent exhibition and receiving free consultation.



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