Royal 03 cabinet are a manifestation of beauty

Royal Cabinet

Royal 03 cabinet are a manifestation of beauty

The Royal Cabinet brings you a royal kitchen and a new look in a classic style. The designers of Parax, by recognizing the culture before them and using the language and culture of today, have created a new design that language is incapable of defining. The splendor of the royal style in the kitchen reflects the originality and bold choice. So if you are a bold person and you are interested in classic style, Royal Cabinet is made for you.

Read more with us to tell you more about the classic cabinet that has deep roots in architecture …


Since classics in all fields of art are memorable for all of us, the pleasure we get from spending time, for example, in a kitchen with a classic Royal Cabinet is very pleasing. In fact, the classic cabinet has an important feature, which is to be nostalgic.

What distinguishes a Royal from other cabinets?

  • Simple and often complex designs and patterns, including mosaic and inlaid doors, embossed crowns and pedestals
  • The presence of components such as crowns, heads of inlaid columns and various frames
  • Using a sideboard with a glass door. Of course, the glass door provides the conditions for you to easily display your decorative utensils.
  • The material and pattern that is used and seen in the classic cabinet will increase its price compared to other cabinet styles.
  • Classic kitchen design is based on symmetry, so symmetry is another feature of this type of cabinet.
  • Classic cabinets are often made of membranes or wood or wood design.
  • The most widely used color of classic cabinets is white. Of course, heavy colors such as cream, pearl, brown, walnut and gray are also used. But red, yellow, orange, etc. are less visible in this style.

Last word:

The appearance of the kitchen and its stylishness requires a cabinet. At Parox, with the latest kitchen cabinet ideas, we produce and execute designs that will stare at your friend’s beautiful eyes. Since buying kitchen cabinets is a big investment, so choosing the right one is the key to enjoying a beautiful kitchen. For this reason, we have provided the possibility of receiving free advice from experienced experts. Obviously, this way you can make smart choices and purchases.


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