What is Parax’s definition of a vacuum cabinet?

vacuum cabinet
Even if you have information about its types before choosing a kitchen cabinet, the material and variety of models in the market will be confusing for you. But don't worry. The articles section of the Parax website is designed for this purpose! For example, in this article, we intend to prepare you for a smart choice by providing a complete definition of the vacuum kitchen cabinet, checking its features, advantages and disadvantages. It is true that vacuum is one of the most popular and at the same time the best-selling types of kitchen cabinets in Iran, but maybe the name of vacuum cabinet is not very familiar to you! The reason for this is the use of other names, such as membranes and PVC. Stay with us until the end so that we provide you with everything you need to know before buying a vacuum kitchen cabinet.

What is a vacuum cabinet?

The advancement of technology and industrialization had a major impact on the construction of woodworking machinery and the wood industry. Over time, with the production of equipped devices, the speed of work increased, and the work that was previously done by hand was done with the help of advanced equipment and devices. If we want to mention the devices that came into being with the advancement of technology and led to the emergence of membrane cabinets and vacuums, we should mention CNC and vacuums. Vacuum cabinets are produced from MDF sheet which is carved by CNC machine (classic), placed in a vacuum machine and covered with PVC coating (of course, vacuum kitchen cabinets are also produced in modern style, which in this There is no need for engraving). In fact, the characteristics of vacuum cabinets are carved doors, columns, crowns and under lamps, and they are classified as classic, but sometimes they are also produced in modern style.

vacuum cabinet

How to create a vacuum kitchen cabinet

If we want to answer the question that the vacuum kitchen cabinet belongs to the third generation of cabinets, we must say the third generation! The wooden cabinet, which is one of the first generation of cabinets, lost many of its fans over time due to its complicated and busy designs. In fact, with people’s tendency towards simple and stylish designs, the desire for modern cabinets with a neat appearance was formed. This issue led to the creation and showing off of metal cabinets that had a long lifespan and a reasonable price. But the period of popularity of the metal cabinet did not last long. The most important reason for this was the excessive simplicity of the metal cabinet, which prevented the designers from creating the smallest creativity.

With the end of the life of the second generation of cabinets, conditions were created for using MDF in interior design and decoration. The fact that raw MDF has many fans due to its low price cannot be ignored. But the weakness of this material against moisture made the manufacturers think of applying a coating such as PVC on MDF with the help of a vacuum machine. It is not bad to know that the use of PVC coating instead of paint first appeared in Europe. In addition, MDF cabinets that are covered with PVC, in addition to being resistant to moisture, have also provided a unique variety in terms of implementing various designs.

vacuum cabinet

How does the vacuum machine work?

A vacuum device is a type of technology that is used to compress particles and create a vacuum. With the help of this device, the air between the MDF sheet and the cover is removed and the created vacuum leads to the complete adhesion of the cover to the sheet. One of the most important advantages of the vacuum device is that by creating a vacuum, a firm coating is placed on the surface with the least thickness. Up to this part of the article, we came to the conclusion that the vacuum cabinet is made of MDF sheet on which a layer of PVC coating is stretched using glue, heat and pressure caused by vacuum (vacuum).

vacuum cabinet

Effective elements in the beauty of vacuum cabinets

Crown and under cabinet lights

Two elements that have a direct impact on the final beauty of the vacuum kitchen cabinet are the crown and under cabinet lights. These two elements, which are installed in the wall part of the cabinet, have many designs and models, of course, some of them are very popular, such as Versace, Roman, etc.


The Toekick is the same element that is used to cover the base of floor cabinets so that the cabinet has a more beautiful appearance.

glass showcase

The vacuum cabinet without a glass showcase is not very popular, that’s why there are several different designs of these showcases available in the market.

Cabinet column and column head

Another element and members of the vacuum cabinet family are columns, which are also functional in addition to creating visual appeal. It is interesting to know that in order to increase the efficiency of these columns, supermarket accessories or super spices are installed in their relief section. This is the optimal use of space!

vacuum cabinet

What do you know about the uses of vacuum coating?

Apart from covering the surface of the kitchen cabinet, the vacuum coating has other uses, including: covering wooden appliances, bathroom and toilet doors, room doors, etc., you have probably heard the name of vacuum beds and furniture!

Good and bad of vacuum kitchen cabinet

It is true that the advantages of vacuum cabinets are more than its disadvantages, but this is not a good reason to choose blindly! Knowing the disadvantages along with the advantages will help you make an informed decision.

Positive characteristics of the vacuum cabinet

  • It is great that vacuum cabinets do not have the disadvantages of wooden cabinets because they do not create restrictions for their owners! Did you know that the material without knots, smooth, compressed and vacuum prevents any bending and deformation?
  • The vacuum kitchen cabinet has the beauty of natural wood and induces a sense of vitality, vitality and freshness.
  • Vacuum coating with a variety of colors and designs, easily provides the conditions to coordinate with the layout of the house.
  • Reasonable price of vacuum kitchen cabinet compared to other types of classic cabinets.
  • The possibility of designing and producing vacuum cabinets in both modern and classic styles
  • Acceptable durability against damage such as moisture and water
  • Covering MDF with PVC coating gives it waterproof properties. This feature has made this cabinet a suitable option for use in coastal areas.
  • Impact on the beauty and attractiveness of the kitchen.
  • Compatibility with the environment (as you know, the core of the vacuum cabinet is made of MDF, and wood scraps are used to make MDF; therefore, fewer trees are cut down as a result of the production of vacuum kitchen cabinets, which plays a significant role in preserving the environment. has it).
  • The ability to coordinate with traditional and modern decoration (the high variety of design and color provides these conditions so that people with any taste can coordinate it with their kitchen decoration).
  • Are you a fan of classic designs and its prominent and sunken carvings? You must be aware that implementing these designs on wood takes a lot of time and costs a lot. But since MDF and automatic machines are used in the production of vacuum kitchen cabinets, it is possible to implement the customer’s desired design with CNC and D3 software at an acceptable final cost.
  • The light weight of the vacuum cabinet (the low weight of the vacuum kitchen cabinet causes less pressure on the support system and fittings and as a result the durability and longevity of the cabinet)
  • The quality of parts and accessories increases the life of vacuum cabinets and, as a result, their low maintenance costs (Parax company uses the best foreign parts and fittings from brands such as Blum, Fantoni, Italiana Ferramenta and… quality cabinets produces high. This feature is very important in today’s economic conditions).
  • Compatibility of vacuum cabinets with built-in kitchen appliances such as hoods and ovens is another positive feature.
  • Easy manufacturing process due to the use of CNC machine
  • Easy installation due to light weight
vacuum cabinet

Negative characteristics of the vacuum cabinet

Despite the positive features that we have listed for the vacuum kitchen cabinet, it also has some negative indicators, which of course do not stand out against its advantages, and with a little precision and delicacy, they can be prevented from occurring. Including:

  • If the designs that are to be CNCed on MDF (which forms the core of vacuum cabinets) are delicate and complex, the PVC coating process will not be done as it should be and the final product will have defects. For this reason, Parax does not use very fine and delicate designs and carvings in its vacuum cabinets.
  • One of the defects that goes back to the manufacturer is that the PVC layer may be removed from the cabinet after some time. This problem occurs if the quality of the glue is low or if a poor quality coating is used, and it causes dissatisfaction of the buyers. We remind you that Parax produces high-quality cabinets by using high-quality raw materials according to the latest standards of the world.
  • Sensitivity to light and heat is another problem that can be brought to the vacuum kitchen cabinet. This means that if the vacuum kitchen cabinet is continuously exposed to heat and light, the vacuum adhesive will lose its condition!
  • The unavailability of the vacuum sheet is another problem that can be caused. Imagine that your vacuum kitchen cabinet needs to be repaired or renovated and you can’t find a sheet similar to what you want (based on design and color code)!
  • Sensitivity to sharp objects is another disadvantage of vacuum cabinets. For this reason, buyers of this product should be careful not to touch sharp objects such as knives with the cabinet so that they do not have to pay exorbitant costs.
  • The surface of vacuum cabinets, with all their designs and complexity, need more cleaning than other types of cabinets. Of course, vacuum cabinets that are made in modern style are excluded from this case!
  • The last fault that can be brought to vacuum cabinets is lack of originality and artificiality. The artificial state of the classic vacuum kitchen cabinet does not convey the feeling of wood in any way. Even wood veneer cabinets are effective in inducing the feeling of wood!
vacuum cabinet

What is the best color for vacuum kitchen cabinets?

White is the color that most people like for their cabinets, including vacuums. One of the reasons for this choice is the sense of cleanliness and order that white brings with it. In this section, let’s know a little more about the two best-selling colors of vacuum cabinets:

White vacuum kitchen cabinet

The most popular color of vacuum kitchen cabinets is white. Of course, this color is the first choice of most people for all styles, including classic, neoclassic and modern. If we want to talk about the reasons for the popularity of white color for cabinets, we should mention that white plays an important role in reflecting light, making the space look bigger and inducing a sense of calm.

Brown vacuum kitchen cabinet

The second color for vacuum cabinets, which has many fans after white, is brown. Brown is one of the best options for kitchens with a large area because it makes the space look smaller. In addition, along with these popular colors, the use of the crown and under the lamp gives a special visual beauty to the cabinet and kitchen. If you are one of the people who like the color of wood, don’t forget to choose brown for your vacuum cabinet.

What about the price of vacuum cabinets?

Unlike other classic cabinets, the vacuum kitchen cabinet has a more reasonable price. Of course, don’t forget that the price varies according to the size of the kitchen. But if you come across a manufacturer who sells his product at a lower price than other manufacturers, be suspicious! Doubt, because no manufacturer passes their profit. This group uses low quality material to lower the price. In addition, dear ones, to know the price of Parax vacuum cabinets, you can use the communication methods available on the site.

vacuum cabinet

The last word

In this article, we tried to provide a complete definition of the vacuum kitchen cabinet, its uses, advantages and disadvantages. And we found out that the device that glues the PVC cover on the MDF is called a vacuum, and the vacuum cabinet is a name that has become common in the market! We would like to point out that we have prepared conditions so that in case of any ambiguity, you can share your questions such as Parax vacuum cabinet model, price, material, installation method, etc. through communication channels with our experts. Finally, keep in mind that due to the sensitivity of the vacuum cabinet production process and the need for high precision and the use of fully automatic equipment, it is recommended to place your order with well-known brands!