Magnificent kitchen cabinet with Royal 04

royal cabinet

Magnificent kitchen cabinet with Royal 04

The Royal Cabinet is a window to the classic heritage. Today, classical architecture is time-independent and not only does not become obsolete over time, but also gains the most credibility. The royal kitchen is a classic work that is not limited to a specific time period. Classic kitchens are timeless and fresh at the same time. They often have neutral color palettes and beautiful details. Also, if you are thinking of reselling your home, the next homeowner will surely fall in love with your Royal Cabinet.


8 main features of classic cabinets:

White or cream color

White and cream are some of the colors that most people like and they never get old in terms of giving a good classic look to the cabinet.

Pay attention to simple details

In the classical style, the island may be used as a dining table. Crown and even hood molding can be seen in this style.

Black table or counter

Black and white is an integral part of classic cabinets and never goes out of style. Absolute black granite, soapstone or quartz are often used in the construction of these counters.

Cabinet plate with marble

Marble is one of the elements that is used in the construction of cabinets, gives an incredible effect to the kitchen. Despite the problems that exist for the maintenance and repair of marble, but people can not give up their choice because of its mesmerizing beauty.

(If you have any questions about corinne stone, which is unique in beauty, restoration and maintenance, you can contact our experts through the available communication channels)

White Subway Tile

It really does not matter what size tile you are going to use. You can use glossy type, beveled or square edge, handmade or machined or even white marble. But keep in mind that proportions are essential.

Classic cabinets have almost simple doors, no glamor or glamor, no modern simplicity.

Neutral color palette

It is less common for classic cabinets to be completely white. They are often seen in two neutral colors, black and white. Of course, let’s not forget this issue: Classic cabinets with all neutral colors such as walnut, cream, brown, etc. will continue in the path of charm.


One of the most attractive features of a classic kitchen cabinet is the ability to combine with a variety of modern chairs, lighting, modern tiles, etc.

The last word:

In this article, we talked about the fact that the expert team of Parax has conceived, designed and produced a new type of classic cabinet called Royal. In the Royal Cabinet, all the features of the classic style can be seen, plus the element of creativity. This creativity makes your kitchen an amazing space. Dear ones, you can share your questions about Royal Cabinet with the best consultants of Parax.


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