Royal 05 A combination of originality and luxury

Royal kitchen

Royal 05 A combination of originality and luxury

The Royal Kitchen is a great inspiration for those who want a classic and standard lifestyle. The beauty, power and space of the Royal Cabinet meet the needs of fans of the classic style. The components used in this style are reminiscent of originality within the framework of conventional rules in the classical style. Join us to explore the classic kitchen cabinets that are the basis of the royal


Classic kitchen cabinet with their bulky appearance and carvings and aristocratic designs are very popular. This luxurious style has been used from the past until now and gives a unique effect to the kitchen, which is the heart of the house. Let’s not forget that despite the antiquity of the classic cabinet, its updated form is currently being made and implemented. This cabinet style brings a nostalgic and memorable feeling to the homeowner and makes spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Some appearance features of classic kitchen cabinet :

  • Embossed and recessed designs on the door and body
  • Existence of various types of engravings, inlaid and aristocratic designs
  • Existence of decorative flowers and carved capitals, carved columns, rosin and …

Do you know the general features of a classic cabinet?

Suitable for large kitchens

As you can see in the pictures, the classic style is full of details and the bulky body and crowded appearance has given it an aristocratic beauty. But keep in mind that all of these features make the space look small. So if you have a small kitchen, give it the gift of a classic cabinet and choose a modern style.

Mosaic and inlaid designs

One of the characteristics of this style of engraving is carpentry, mosaic and inlay on the body, which is done according to the customer’s taste. In addition, these engravings can be seen both by hand and by machine; Certainly handicrafts are more valuable and precious.

Being spacious

Classic kitchen cabinets were built with great depth in the past, but designers still follow the same pattern. This creates enough space for utensils and utensils.

Use of neutral colors

Unlike the modern style, which is full of cheerful and extreme colors, the classic cabinets mostly use colors such as white, gray, brown, cream and black.

Existence of glass doors and showcases

Showcase cabinets are also a symbol of classic kitchen style. The glass doors of the mentioned cabinets allow you to put the decorative utensils you use in it and enjoy its visibility. It should be noted that glass doors are also seen in the neoclassical style.

Use glamorous handles

The luxurious appearance of a classic cabinet needs elegant and sleek handles to double its appearance. You can choose copper, brass, bronze, silver glass, porcelain or even wooden handles according to your taste. Please note, never use simple and stretched handles for this type of cabinet.


The counter material of this style is often stone

The type of stone used as a plate in this style varies according to the material and color of the cabinet. Marble, granite and quartz are the most widely used types of cabinets and countertops.

The hood is not visible in this style!

The frame, the column head and the engraved decorations cover the hood and prevent it from appearing.

Observe symmetry

In the design of a classic cabinet, observing symmetry is a must. Sloppy designs have no place in this style.

The last word:

Dear ones, you can share all your questions about our Royal Cabinet, how to order, materials used, etc. with our experts. Obviously, we will answer you in the shortest time.










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